Face Massager 5 In 1 In

Soft cleaning brush – removes dirt , grease, bacteria and makeup residue
cleaning sponge – removes dead skin and deep cleans pores
Latex cleaning pad – suitable for eyes / under eyes – reduces dark circles, massaging and reduces pores and prevents impurities
Massage palette – massaging and stimulating blood circulation, build collagen and elastin in muscle tissue and helps to purge debris under the skin
Pumice – removes dry and hard skin on as the hands, elbows and feet

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Facial and body massage have the positive effect that massage build muscle tissue from the inside, thus reducing wrinkles and cellulitis. the massage also stimulates blood circulation and helps waste products and extra fluid in the body. 5-in-1 Beauty Care Massagers 5 parts. 5-in-1 Beauty Care Massager to 149, Beauty Care Massager is eminent for the face and neck / chest, but with counterintelligence and firming massage function also good elsewhere on the body such as the thighs, arms and stomach. 5-in-1 Beauty Care Massager has 2 intensities, measures 7 x 4.5 x 13 and uses 2 x AA batteries (not included). Easy to carry on the go.

Cleaning The Face To Get Ready For Saturating Or Feeding;

Shed Of Dead Skin To Uncover A Brilliant, Energetic Skin;

Convenient Supply Of Water And Nourishment To Skin To Avoid Maturing;

Expelling Hard Cells On The Ground Or Elbow; Hstar.pk

Decreases Harsh And Callus Skin;

Increments And Enhance Flow;

Find The Spa Experience Of Hand And Foot;

Microdermabrasion At Home To Tenderly Shed, Clean And Smooth Unpleasant, Callus Skin;

Turning Hand-Held Reemerging Device Peel Dull Surface Layers To Enhance Skin Surface, And Increments Miniaturized Scale Course.

2 X AA Batteries Worked – (Excluded)

High-Low – Off Switch

2 Speed Control

Condition: 100%Brand New And High Caliber

Purifying: Use Wet Fabric To Wipe This Item.

Shading: Pink, Blue

Estimate: As Picture

Weight: About 200g

The Fundamental Unit Isn’t Waterproof, Kindly Don’t Wash The Principle Unit Straightforwardly Submerged.

Package Included:
1 X Facial Cleaner With 5 Rubbing Heads

1)Clean Whole Face And Throat Or Different Territories To Be Treated With Mellow Cleaner Utilizing Delicate Round Strokes.

2)Attach The Delicate Wipe Instrument To The Massager. Plunge Any Excellence Cream With Water Onto The Wipe And Dab Temple,

Cheeks, Nose And Jaw Or Some Other Zones To Be Treated With Amend Measures Of Cream.

3)Switch On The Massager And Work Cream Into Skin Bu Using firm, Upward, Roundabout Strokes. There Are 2 Setting, Low And High.

Pick The One Fit For You, For use On Face, Low Setting Is Suggested.

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